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SMART Video Surveillance

SMART Video Surveillance

Vihawk, is a provider of smart video surveillance solutions that provide proactive and smart solution to any business need. Some of the analytics that we provide include:

  • People counting: Automated counting of ingress or egress of people from a designated area.

  • Perimeter protection: Detection of unwanted intrusion with minimum false alarms.

  • Automated number plate recognition: Capturing of number plates of vehicles and storing them as text in database.

  • Face recognition: Recognition of faces at entry/exits.

  • Unattended Baggage: Automated detection of unattended baggage for a brief period.

Why Opt for a SMART Video Surveillance

The current business dynamics for any organization not only needs a secure environment but also demands a proactive approach to decision making.  Below are a few benefits that a smart video surveillance delivers:


  • Proactive defense

  • Maintaining a Rule based process

  • Making critical business information available on demand.

  • Assisting in quick post-mortem in case of any event.

Who are we ?

We are a system integration firm engaged in the process of deploying smart surveillance solutions to our customers through effective design consultancy and globally proven implementation processes. We provide innovative and smart video surveillance solution that aid in proactive protection of assets, simultaneously providing business intelligence that aids in smart decision making.

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