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PTZ camera or Fixed Camera

As customer, we always are confused between opting for a PTZ camera vs a Fixed camera for surveillance. While each of the above has its own advantages, the primary choice of the camera depends heavily on surveillance objectives. If the objective is security surveillance and continuous monitoring, a fixed camera is an ideal choice. Since the fixed camera doesn't move its field, it keeps a constant vigil on the field deployed upon. Also, one can use variety of analytics on fixed cameras for making them intelligent. The primary application of analytical deployments are People counting, heat map analysis, motion detection, trip wire crossing etc. On the other hand, due to the ability of a PTZ camera to Pan, Tilt and Zoom(PTZ), it is a good source of investigative surveillance. It can be a helpful tool where the advanced information is required for a particular field. In other words, it is always a best secondary camera for security surveillance. The PTZ function, though can be automated, is recommended through manual interruptions. Industry best practice suggests deployment of manpower for monitoring and controlling the PTZ functions of the camera. So overall, primary cameras for security surveillance are fixed cameras and for gaining live additional information, PTZ cameras are a helpful tool.

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