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January 2023, Newsletter

Dear Associate,

We wish you a Very Happy New Year 2023 !!

This year too we stress upon our resolve of providing Best-of-Breed solutions with State-of-The-Art technologies and products to all our associates. In this issue, we shed light on a case study of provisioning of tailgating alerts through video surveillance .

– From The Director’s Desk


“Tailgating is a physical security breach whereby an unauthorized person follows an authorized individual into a secured premise”


Video Analytics – Tailgating Analytics

Tailgating, also known as piggybacking, is one of the most common ways for Unauthorised characters to gain access to restricted areas. Tailgating can range from simply following a person through doors that have access locks to putting on a disguise to trick people into opening that door.

In the current context, we look at the ability of a person to piggyback behind an authorised person into a restricted area demarcated by the customer. There are multiple systems at work that detect tailgating incident in this context.

The Cameras play an important role in providing raw video data to the system.

The Video Analytics detects motion of two or more people within a short time period, as required at each individual customer site.

Access Control Data is demanded by the Video Analytics, for checking the total number of swipe in the Access Control system between the given activity period. If the Access system returns a value less than the total entrants, the system marks the event as tailgating.

Video Management Software then marks this event as tailgate event and publishes the same in the alerts database and console.


Benefits of Tailgating Analytics

Secured Zones: By eliminating unauthorised access, the analytics adopts a secured zone concept.

Integrated Approach: By Integrating various video and non-video systems together, the results are more reliable and accurate.

Customer Trust: By demonstration of secured zone concept, with use of advanced reliable technologies, businesses can enhance their respective customer’s trust.

Single Console: With various systems at play, the benefit of tailgating analytics is the output and management of all alerts in a single console thereby eliminating the need to pass through multiple systems for data related to a single event.



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