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December 2022, Newsletter

Dear Associate,

In this issue of our newsletter, we look at a different usage perspective of surveillance cameras. While surveillance cameras were always scouted as a security apparatus, the times have changed with advent of new age video analytics. We look at a few possibilities of the same in this issue.

– From The Director’s Desk


“The global video analytics market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 23.4% during 2022-2027 and Asia Pacific is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the period”


Video Analytics – The next big shift

A famous research indicates that CCTV operators who watch live CCTV video feeds tend to become 45% video blind in 12 minutes or so, and up to 90% video blind in 22 minutes.

Does this ring a bell for all customer establishments that deploy a 12-hour shift force at a command centre ? Well, if it still doesn’t, look at the below drivers for growth in video analytics.

Labor costs: Labor costs have been deterring utilisation of humans for the manual analysis of surveillance videos. Large amount of video footage can prove to be a grave obstacle for quick and intelligent video analysis and a swift incident response thereof.

Predictive Analysis: While most of the traditional CCTV deployments overlook the a predictive analysis perspective to make predictions about future events, the surveillance henceforth lacks proactive approach to incident management.

Human Integrity : Human integrity also plays during manual analysis, whereas video analytics software achieves operational compliance by adhering to defined rules and response procedures.


Common Video Analytics

People Counting : Today cameras can count people movement bidirectionally and report on real-time basis. Click here for more information.

Perimeter Intrusion: A set of cameras can monitor your perimeter 24×7 and alert if a human intrusion is attempted. Click here for more information.

Face Recognition: A camera can recognize a face of a person and alert on predefined use cases. Click here for more information.

ANPR: Automated Number Plate Recognition(ANPR) is ability of a camera to detect a number plate and capture the same for conversion to digital text and store the same in a database for query based results. Click here for more information.



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